Bahnisikha & Rajkumar Jeevaraj lead the team of Bangalore's best photographers at Clickbugs Photography.

The team of professional photographers at Clickbugs Photography are visionaries, who are constantly striving for excellence. Their imagery style combines elements of documentation, fine art, photojournalism and romantic highlights, that will capture every magical moment of your day.

This approach to the art of photography enables the team at Clickbugs Photography to create stunning images that will stand the test of time and stay honest and true to who the client is as a person.

OUR Expertise


Fashion photography conjures together dress and body to create images that aim to seduce. On the cusp between art and commerce.


Bangalore-based photographer creating unique memories that tell the story of your little tribe. Book your free consultation today.


Share the joy through family photography images expertly captured by Clickbug's Photography in & across Bangalore.


The prelude to a new life, new journey and new love. A period of transition and hope for the future as you await all the amazing things.


Portrait photography can be dealt with an equation, with just a set of rules and guidelines. It's possible to take jaw dropping, natural light photo.


Experienced commercial photographer creating images that sell the products, services, people, or ethos of your business.

what people say

gael garcia
Amazing team of two passionate people who do not take their passion lightly. Very hardworking, planned and thorough with what they want.. Had fun and was very contend with the way our shoot was handled by them! Loved it and they will go places for sure because this kinda commitment in today's day and age is a rare find
Amisha Garg Agarwal
gael garcia
Very professional, planned, friendly and calm photographer. You guys are like perfectionists and really don't mind clicking the pic or making the changes to processed pics multiple times just to get that perfect pic. Also, you give certain level of comfort so it becomes really easier to pose. Overall I had a great experience with you during the shoot. I must say that the post processing of pics was really flawless and amazing. @Rajkumar You are one of the great photographers I have met. Keep up the great work Raj and Bahni. Lots of love..
Shipra Khandelwal
gael garcia
Very friendly and professional photographer.. AS I have experienced you are very friendly yet very professional and punctual when it comes to photography. You don't mind skipping your sleep or comfort or food when comes to photography..Don't even mind getting your favorite dress dirty.. I have never seen guy more comfortable lying on the floor then you when you are with your camera and trying to click that perfect shot.. may be that's because you have put your heart in it.. I m sure with your techniques your passion and love for photography you will definitely reach the peak of success that u have always desired .. I wish you all the best
Piyanka Roy